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The Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin For WordPress

If you want to promote Amazon products on your WordPress website, it is important to have the best Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress. Affiliatable is an Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and customize tables. It also generates code and helps you to integrate Amazon products into your website.

AmaLinks Pro

If you’re a WordPress user who wants to make money online, you may want to consider installing AmaLinks Pro on your site. It’s not expensive and will give you powerful Amazon affiliate tools to use on your website. You can buy the plugin for EUR39 for one domain or EUR99 for three to ten domains. For this price, you will get all of the core features of the plugin, along with one year of updates and support. AmaLinks Pro is created by Matthew Allen and Alchemy Coder.

The plugin’s functionality includes features that will help you manage your links and monitor their health. It also lets you import Amazon products directly through its API. This can save you time collecting product information, pricing information, and pictures. There are a number of different types of Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress. Some of these focus on increasing conversions and sales, while others will focus on other aspects of the affiliate program.

AmaLinks Pro has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to add products to your website. The plugin comes with a comparison table builder add-on that allows you to add stunning product showcase boxes. You can also customize the visuals of your links by selecting from different preset designs.

AmaLinks Pro has powerful features that allow you to insert Amazon affiliate links on your website. Its widgets display product information, product images, ratings, and more. The plugin also supports custom data fields.



The EasyAzon affiliate plugin for WordPress comes with many features, including cloaking and URL shortening. It also allows you to easily add affiliate links to your website. It also provides a detailed reporting dashboard. You can track your clicks and conversions on a monthly or lifetime basis. There is also a premium version, which costs $29, that adds more features, including link targeting and auto-checker for broken links.

One of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress is EasyAzon. It allows you to insert Amazon affiliate links directly from the WordPress editor. It works with all Amazon locales and offers many options. It spins up text links for you, including options to open them in a new window or in the same window. It also allows you to specify whether you want your links to be no-follow or follow.

Another great feature of EasyAzon is its ability to automatically update product information, making it easier for your visitors to make the decision to purchase the product. It also includes a comparison table, prebuilt templates, product boxes, and other conversion-boosting elements. There are also options for customizing various plugin elements and outputs. These features ensure that your visitors have the best experience possible.

The EasyAzon affiliate plugin for WordPress is very customizable and includes a free and pro version. You can also build custom CTA buttons with it, customize affiliate links, and use any Amazon locale. It also includes a geotargeting feature, which allows you to integrate multiple affiliate IDs with a single WordPress site. In addition, you can choose country-wise redirection rules manually.

Another popular WordPress affiliate plugin is AffiliateWP. This plug-in has a simple interface and step-by-step setup wizard. It also supports multiple affiliates and allows you to add unlimited coupon codes. Another great feature of this plugin is its ability to integrate with other popular WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce.



ThirstyAffiliates is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you manage, track, and optimize your affiliate links. It incorporates links easily and seamlessly into your website. It is a recommended plugin for all affiliate marketers and bloggers using WordPress. However, it doesn’t work with all platforms, so you’ll need to learn some coding skills before using it.

Besides tracking earnings, this plugin also organizes your affiliate links, providing a report tool and creating shorter links for your links. You can also choose whether to include tracking codes in your affiliate links. The reporting tool provides you with detailed information about how many people have clicked on each link and how much money has been earned from each.

With ThirstyAffiliates, you can also use images as affiliate links. You can use banner images or insert affiliate links directly into your posts. It also maintains a tight integration with Google Analytics. It also supports images, shortcodes, and multiple affiliate links.

The ThirstyAffiliates plugin makes it easy to manage and track your affiliate links in WordPress. It also provides safe redirects for malware protection. If you want to make money online from affiliate marketing, this is a great way to do it. With this plugin, you’ll be able to manage and optimize your affiliate links in minutes.

Another great affiliate plugin for WordPress is Amazon Auto Links. This plugin automatically places Amazon affiliate links throughout your content. It also uses Amazon API to import product affiliate links.


There are many different Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress, and AAWP is one of the best options. However, it’s not free, and starts at EUR49 for a single site. AzonPress is a good choice if you want to use the Amazon affiliate program in WordPress, and is relatively easy to customize.

This plug-in connects with your Amazon Associates account and provides many useful features. It supports an unlimited number of Amazon products and has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to use. It also allows you to add text-based affiliate links, product descriptions, and product boxes.

AzonPress also comes with a comprehensive support system, and provides email support and documentation for beginners. AzonPress is an Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that displays your Amazon affiliate links and manages your Amazon affiliations with ease. Its pricing plan is very reasonable, and it offers lifetime and one-year licenses. You can easily renew your license year after year to keep your website up-to-date.

Another feature of AzonPress is that it filters out products that aren’t relevant to your site. This means you don’t have to waste time clicking affiliate links to avoid products that you don’t want. The plugin also allows you to customize the appearance of the ads on your website.

Other benefits of AzonPress include link management, which helps organize your links, and product import through the Amazon API. These features can save you time writing product descriptions, collecting prices, and gathering pictures. Moreover, there are plugins for specific purposes, such as increasing sales or conversions.

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