Terms of Use and Privacy

Terms of Use and Privacy / Information about the Protection of Personal Data
1. goal

fbes.net our members, our customers, visitors, suppliers, and employees, including the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the personal data of real people, our country is a party No. 6698 on human rights, international conventions and the law on protection of personal data (“KVKK”), including the processing of the data processed in accordance with the relevant legislation to ensure that it is our priority rights of the persons concerned are used effectively.

Therefore, it is not considered restricted to our employees, our suppliers, our customers, our visitors, our members, our stores and our users who visit our website, our mobile applications, in short, all personal data that we gained during our activities relating to data processing, storage, transfer transactions for fbes.net personal data protection and processing policy (“policy”) according to the realizing.

The protection of personal data and the observance of the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons whose personal data are collected is the basic principle of our policy on the processing of personal data. Therefore, all our activities are processed where the personal data privacy of personal information confidentiality, privacy of communication, freedom of thought and belief, we continue by considering the rights to use effective legal means. In order to protect personal data, we take all administrative and technical protection measures required by the nature of the data in accordance with the legislation and current technology.

This policy, commercial, promotional, marketing, or social responsibility, and the law on protection of personal data shared during similar activities within the framework of the aforementioned principles of personal data in processing, storage, transmission, and erased, or made anonymous describes the methods that we follow.

2. scope

All personal data processed by the Company, including our visitors, business contacts, business partners, employees, suppliers, members, third parties, are covered by this Policy. Our Policy is applied in the activities related to the processing of all personal data owned or managed by the Company and has been considered and prepared in accordance with KVKK and other relevant legislation related to personal data and international standards in this field.


In this section, special terms and phrases, concepts, abbreviations, etc. mentioned in Politika. it is briefly described.

Express Consent: Consent to a particular subject, based on information and free will, with clarity that leaves no room for hesitation, limited only to that transaction.

Anonymization: This means that personal data cannot be associated to an identified or identifiable natural person under any circumstances, even by matching it with other data.

Employee: Company Staff.

Personal Data Owner (Contact Person): The natural person whose personal data is processed.

Personal Data: Any information related to a specific or identifiable natural person.

Qualified special personal data: Persons, race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion and sect, or other beliefs, health information, fingerprints, costume and clothing, Association or trade union membership, health, sexual life, criminal convictions and security measures with biometric data and genetic data.

The processing of personal data: personal data will be fully or partially automated, with the record to be part of any data recording system or non-automatic means obtaining, recording, storage, modification, rearrangement, disclosure, transfer, acquisition, can be obtained, making classification such as the Prevention of the use or any operation that is performed on the data.

Data Processor: A natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller on the basis of the authority granted by the data controller.

Data Controller: A natural or legal person responsible for the establishment and management of the data registration system, who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data.

KVK Board: Personal Data Protection Board.

KVK Authority: Personal Data Protection Authority.

KVKK: Law on the Protection of Personal Data published in the Official Gazette dated April 7, 2016 and numbered 29677.

Policy: fbes.net Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy.

(Membership System): The membership system of the Company and the Company’s digital platforms.


4.1. board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the determination and operation of notification, review and sanctions mechanisms in case of non-compliance with the Policy, rules and regulations.

The Policy on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data has been approved by the Board of Directors.

It is the authorized approval mechanism for ensuring the creation, implementation and, if necessary, updating of the Policy.

4.2 Audit Unit

The Audit Unit is responsible for examining the issues in order to take the necessary measures to comply with the Policy and examine the issues that are contrary to the Policy of the companies that have received foreign service together with the employees who have been employed.

4.3 Information Systems Commission

The Information Systems Commission is responsible for the preparation, development, implementation and updating of this Policy. Evaluates this Policy for its timeliness and development needs when necessary. It is the responsibility of the Information Systems Commission Manager to publish the prepared document on the institution’s portal.


The legal obligations within the scope of protection and processing of personal data as a data officer in accordance with KVKK are listed below:

5.1. Our lighting obligation

When collecting personal data as a data officer;
For what purpose will your personal data be processed
Information about our identity, if any, the identity of our representative
To whom and for what purpose can your processed personal data be transferred
Our method of collecting data and its legal reason
We have an obligation to inform the Relevant Person about the rights arising from the law.
As a company, we take care that our current Policy, which is open to the public, is clear, understandable, and easily accessible.

5.2. Our obligation to ensure data security

As a data controller, we take the administrative and technical measures provided for in the legislation to ensure the security of the personal data contained in our UHD. Obligations related to data security and measures taken in accordance with Article 9 of this Policy. and 10. it is detailed in the sections.


These terms regulate the rules of use of the site. www.fbes.net please read the following terms of use before using the website. fbes.net all Users who use the website in any way will be deemed to have agreed to comply with the terms on this page.

The term “User” used in this text refers to any natural and legal person who uses the site in any way, with or without a member login.

The terms of use on this page, provided that the changes are again clearly stated on this page fbes.net it can be changed unilaterally at any time, and these changes take effect immediately when the amended agreement is placed on the site. Users fbes.net at the time of using their services in any way, they will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted the terms published on this page. In order to review the agreement periodically to be aware of these changes, you are agreeing to the site will mean that you accept the modified terms, your continued access to or your use of the site.

fbes.net You may not modify or adapt the Service or any other website, fbes.net Through the Service or fbes.net you cannot change it in such a way as to give the wrong impression that it is associated with.

fbes.net , stores users’ personal information only in order to perform certain services, provide advertising with content according to the wishes of users on the site, and keep them informed of new services. fbes.net its users have the opportunity to change their personal information during their circulation on the website. This information can only be changed by the user.

fbes.net its features, such as sections visited, clicked fields, are automatically saved during the navigation of its users on the site. These data are used only for the determination of the monitoring and tracking rates of departments and different areas. In cases where a technology called “cookie” is used to determine where or how pages are visited, it is also collected as statistical data to determine the tracking and click-through rates of different areas of the site and is not a personalized application. The purpose of this technology is to make the content of the sections that users visit more often more easily accessible to the user from the first visit to the site. In order to improve the quality of the content provided to users, to ensure that some services can be accessed directly, data on geolocation information can be saved and used if the user gives his consent.

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